“Muay Thai”, another name “Thai Boxing” is a Martial Art form and a Combat Sport that was originated in Thailand, which is also the present national sports and cultural martial art form there. Muay Thai uses the whole body as a weapon. Also known as “The Art Of 8 Limbs”, as both fists, knees, elbows & shins are used combined in this sport.

It was developed several thousand years ago as a form of close combat. Today the exact origin of Muay Thai is in debate among modern scholars, as much of the Muay Thai history got lost when the…

Does reading books really have any benefit or they just give pleasure?…

Well, there’s a scientific answer for that with proper testing and reasons. Let’s discuss the benefits one by one in short.

1. Strengthens The Brain:

Reading books for a longer period of time not only makes one smarter but also increases brainpower. Regular reading of books makes the neuron connections of human brains stronger, which may lead to longtime memory & less decline of the brain in late years.

2. Increases ability to empathize:

It also does increase the empathizing ability. Reading for a longer period also makes it easy to understand people's feelings and sharing them…

Potential is a factor in a human that makes him or her stand out in the society. And knowing one’s own potential is not always easy for everyone. Many factors like poverty, orthodox mindset, insecurities, creates self-doubt in a kid in his childhood which presses his potential forever on the ground. His whole life then spends in wrong thinking that he is of no use. Just because of some wrong parenting and wrong brought up surrounding his whole life goes in a wasteland, & that guy or girl eventually dies from inside while staying alive from out.

In this stage…

Abhoy Kumar Saha

I'm a simple guy living normal life & trying to feed my soul through good deeds*

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