*Benefits Of Reading Books*

Does reading books really have any benefit or they just give pleasure?…

Well, there’s a scientific answer for that with proper testing and reasons. Let’s discuss the benefits one by one in short.

1. Strengthens The Brain:

Reading books for a longer period of time not only makes one smarter but also increases brainpower. Regular reading of books makes the neuron connections of human brains stronger, which may lead to longtime memory & less decline of the brain in late years.

2. Increases ability to empathize:

It also does increase the empathizing ability. Reading for a longer period also makes it easy to understand people's feelings and sharing them. It’s often believed that people reading fictional books has a greater tendency of having greater empathy than others.

3. Builds Vocabulary:

Continuous exposure to new words, learning their meanings increases the brain dictionary and thus brings more fluency in conversation and writings as well.

4. Reduces Stress:

A study done in 2009 at the University of Sussex found that reading can decrease stress by 68%. And it really does, simply by opening a book, a reader can go to another world leaving all the stress at its place & overtime reading also increases brain functioning which indirectly also triggers less stress.

5. Increases Sleep Quality:

Doctors often sometimes recommend reading printed books just before sleeping or going to bed. This action activates the brain & eye cells including reducing stress level that’s idle for proper sleep.

6. Relives Depression Level:

Reading books helps the reader to stop worrying for some time by taking him or her to a world of characters or strategies for any symptoms. Overstress results in depression in almost all cases which is one of the leading problems of today's world, reading habit as reduces stress doesn’t allow overstress to build-up ultimately alleviating depression levels.

7. Cuts The Binge-Watching:

Binge-watching often dulls a person’s intellectual memory stimulation. Reading books not only makes one skip it but also increases intellectual stimulation and resulting in better functioning of the mind.

Many more advantages are there regarding book reading and are really helpful especially for children's including adults.

Books are really a good companion for everyone in lone times, they not only make you feel good and fresh but also improves brain functioning in a long run.

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