Potential is a factor in a human that makes him or her stand out in the society. And knowing one’s own potential is not always easy for everyone. Many factors like poverty, orthodox mindset, insecurities, creates self-doubt in a kid in his childhood which presses his potential forever on the ground. His whole life then spends in wrong thinking that he is of no use. Just because of some wrong parenting and wrong brought up surrounding his whole life goes in a wasteland, & that guy or girl eventually dies from inside while staying alive from out.

In this stage, the depressed soul should rethink the scenario and find out the flaws instead of blaming oneself or others. That person should find out his weakness and work on them no matter how late it’s because it's really never too late to start. He should take time to know his passion and use his potential in that field of his passion.

No matter what it is, Potential is a very crucial thing to know ‘cause every person has it, he or she just has to believe in himself instead of believing the words which put their spirit down. We should never quit on ourselves because if we leave ourselves everybody will leave as well.

From the very beginning of civilization, from ancient times, the system has been the same… “ The survival of the fittest”.., which is necessary and one of the laws of the universe, no one did ever escaped it and nobody could. So we better believe in ourselves cause we are no less.

Nothing is unachievable with the right plan. Keeping on learning new skills, helping others, doing the right things which feed the soul, and most importantly: knowing your potential will surely make life worth living in a long run.